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About Duntech Automation

Upgrade your gate motors and home or office access with Duntech Automation products combining motors made for Darwin conditions and technology you can rely on to give you easy access, security, and even video monitoring of your premises.

State of the art

Why choose Duntech Automation?

Why choose Duntech Automation for Darwin and Palmerston

Our manufacturing partner

Our manufacturing partner is a world leader in gate motors and automation products, with 90% of all components made in-house for superior quality control.

Exhaustive Testing

Not only are Duntech Automation products made to exacting standards, they are then submitted to gruelling testing. For example, every single motor is subjected to a 4-hour, continuous burning test to make sure it’s ready to withstand your usage and the Top End climate!

Research, research, research

Duntech Automation products have the benefit of 10+ years of continuous investment in research and development. That foundation of excellence, when matched by the care and dedication of our supply and installation partners, means choosing Duntech Automation is the smart choice.

Take control of your home

Choose Duntech Automation when you want to monitor your gates and door in real time, operate your doors from wherever you are in the world, receive real-time notifications when somebody arrives at your property, manage your entrances with our video doorbell, and/or simplify control of your gates with your smartphone.

About Duntech Automation based in Darwin, Northern Territory

Safe, secure entry and exit systems for home or work

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