Best Replacement Gate Remotes In darwin

Gate Remotes

Do you need an extra gate motor remote but can’t find the right part? Have your gate remotes stopped working? In Darwin, you can always turn to Duntech Automation for the complete solutions, thanks to our Receiver and Gate Remote kits.

Works With 99% Of All Gate Motors

Gate Remote Key Fobs

Lost your gate remotes or have they stopped working?

Duntech Automation has you covered with our Gate Remote Key Fobs.

Our reliable receivers can be integrated into 99% of all gate motors on the market, which means you can use our new, superior gate remotes even if you still have some older ones in use.

And an extra bonus is that when your current gate motor dies, and it will at some stage, your Duntech Remotes will be able to transfer into your new gate motor.

The smart move for reliable gate remotes for Darwin, Palmerston, and surrounds, is to choose our remotes to replace older ones or to add extra remotes to your system so that everybody who needs a Gate Key Fob can have one.

As as you’d expect for anything designed for the Top End, our remotes work within a big, 60m range, and sometimes that even extends beyond that. All the better for that fast exit out of the rain!

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